The VEG800 has a sizeable physical footprint; 106"x 54". Hung at 20" above the canopy, the VEG800 delivers the optimal 600+ µmol/m2/s1 plants need for vegetative growth to a footprint of 9'x 5' and it is guarenteed to deliver 100% output for 50,000 hours.


The Photon Cannon chassis is made of two extruded anodized aluminum heat sinks engineered to passively maintain optimal temperatures. Good heat dissapation is essential to high performing LEDs and a long lifetime- the heat limits the perormance intially, and degrades components of the LED and lowers output levels over time.


The power supplies are mounted away from the Photon Cannons in the Base Station so the heat they give off doesn't add to the cooling load of our passive heat dissipation system and further diminish the output of the LEDs. 


We employ Samsung 301B "white" LEDs because they are the most efficacious and economical LEDs available today. By delivering a full spectrum white, our lights can penetrate deeper in the plant matter due to higher levels of green. The 6000k diodes have a strong blue output and are a great for vegetative growth. The strong penetrating light with keep your nodes tighter and branching thicker. 


These are the most dependable vegetative lights made today.



  • Wattage 800w
    Voltage 100-277vac & 249-480vac
    PPF 1936 µmol
    LEDs Samsung 301H 6000K, Osram Oslon Square 
    Dimensions 47” x 99” x 4”
    Weight 56 lbs
    Power Factor >95%
    Warranty 50,000 hours

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