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The FLW900 is the first true 1 for 1 LED replacement for the HPS 1000w horticultural light. The FLW900 puts out 2027 µmol of photosynthetic light using only 897 watts. This is the highest output of ANY LED fixture on the market. 


We employ Samsung 301B "white" LEDs because they are the most efficacious and economical LEDs available today at 220 lm/w and 2 µmol/j. By delivering a full spectrum white, our lights can penetrate deeper in the canopy due to higher levels of green. The 6000k diodes have a strong blue output and are a great match with the Osram Oslon Square Far Red and Deep Red LEDs.


Osram Oslon Square horticultural diodes are the best choice for growing plants. They are very efficient, but are also very expensive. The FLW900 uses 90% Deep Red 660nm and 10% Far Red 730nm wavelengths. This Red/ Far Red ratio is very important for horticulture. Both channels are addressable/ dimmable individually or together for different plant response targeting strategies such as resetting, flower initiation, and night interuption. Running the light as designed increases photosynthesis through the Emerson Effect.


The FLW gives you the power and control to deliver the highest quality light to your plants for 5 years.


It's the most dependable horticultural flowering fixture in the world.


  • Wattage 897w
    Voltage 100-277vac & 249-480vac
    PPF 2027 µmol
    LEDs Samsung 301B, Osram Oslon Square
    Dimensions 47” x  51” x 4”
    Weight 58 lbs
    Power Factor >95%
    Warranty 5 Years