Flōs fixtures are designed to be repaired and upgraded over time- light fixtures should not be disposable. Each fixture is made up of multiple Photon Cannons™ that easily attach with waterproof, tool-less connectors to the Base Station. Each cannon has a maximum power of 150 watts and is made up of two 75w LED metal core PCBs. 


  • Our red and white diodes are on separate circuit boards or modules- red diodes put out much more heat than white so we need to address the two at different rates for Light Maintenance. We give the red LEDs more space on the circuit boards and keep them away from the white LEDs. 

  • We use the highest grade anodized aluminum for our extrusions with a lifetime warranty. They make up the chassis and heat dissipation system of our LED fixtures. The black anodized aluminum moves heat away from the LEDs faster, which means higher performance and less degradation.

  • Gaskets instead of adhesives for waterproof-sealing means Flōs fixtures can be easily serviced.

  • We designed the separate cannons for fixture flexibility, but also so any possible service issues can be solved by swapping out a single Photon Cannon and not involve the high expense of shipping a full fixture. We want to be the best equipment available even in the worst-case scenario. For commercial facilities, we include a 3% maintenance inventory.


We build the most dependable lights in the world.



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